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TAC Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Corker (700 bottles/hr)

Price: $7,200.00
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VA Kit

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The TAC Semi-Automatic Corking Machine manufactured ViMEG is entirely pneumatic and capable of working with both natural and synthetic corks sizes #8, #9, & #10 (22, 24, 26 mm in diameter, respectively) up to 47 mm in height. The hopper contains a sorting agitator that funnels corks into the applicator chute, enabling a continuous flow of corks to four ground and lapped jaws responsible for the precise positioning of the cork.

The optional "VA" Nitrogen Injection & Vacuum Kit injects a small amount of inert gas into the bottle to displace the oxygen and applies a vacuum to create negative pressure within the bottle prior to corking. The vacuum not only minimizes oxygen exposure to the wine and aids in the smooth insertion of the cork, but creating negative pressure within the bottle neck is crucial when using overlength corks to ensure that the cork does not pop out due to fluctuation in pressure.

The TAC Pneumatic Corker requires an external air compressor (not included) with an air supply pressure of 40 to 100 PSI to operate. Pump performance will vary with air pressure and air volume. Consider mid-range performance at around 60 PSI and 6.0 CFM and maximum performance at 90 PSI and 8.0 CFM.

Watch the TAC-VA Pneumatic Corker in operation HERE

  • Corks up to 700 bottles per hour
  • Accomodates Natural, Agglomerated, & Synthetic Corks, sizes #8, #9, & #10
  • Lift Plate adjusts to accommodate bottles up to 15 in (375 mm) in height
  • Optional Nitrogen & Vacuum Kit
  • Required Air Supply Pressure of 40 - 100 PSI (compressor not included)
  • 20" L x 20" W x 60" H
  • 250 lbs
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Made in Italy 
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