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Dosing & Capping Monoblock (Semi-Automatic)

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Semiautomatic Piston Filler and Capping Monoblock - Semi-Automatic
This semiautomatic air driven machine is suitable for filling and capping jars and or other containers with liquid / semiliquid products by means of a Doselite® volumetric piston filler with a 20-680 ml dosing range (optional 50-1300 ml) and closing the same with one size of twist off cap. All the parts in contact with the product are manufactured with AISI 316 L stainless steel and food grade gaskets. The cap is tightened by a pneumatic motor with torque regulation.

Our pneumatic piston fillers have been designed, built and put on the market to dose any kind of alimentary, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Through a suction system the product is introduced into the dosing chamber. As it has reached the quantity required, the piston begins to push the product on the outside through the output valve and the related nozzle. Different kinds of valves are available, according to the product to fill.

On the rear side of the dosing machine, there is a hand-wheel that determines the product volume, for this model the range is between 20 and 680 ml or 50 and 1300 ml. The o-rings and gaskets are manufactured in food grade PTFE and silicone for food products or in PTFE s/steel, FKM or EPDM for chemicals and cosmetics. All the other parts in contact with the product are made with AISI 316 L s/steel.

All the connections are made by tri-clamp like those used in the pharmaceutical sector. The operator doesn’t need any tool to dismantle the machine for cleaning operations or technical interventions. Filling accuracy +/- 1%
The suction and dosing speed are adjustable by mean of two flow regulators.

Warranty: 12 months from date of invoice.

The machine is pneumatic and needs 60-90 psi compressed air supply (we suggest a 20-30 gallon air compressor).

  • The machine main frame is stainless steel AISI 304 and is on wheels.
  • All supports and shaft on the machine that could come in contact with the product are stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Jar manual individual positioning.
  • CE Certified
Volumetric filling unit composed by:
  • Nr 1 volumetric dosing unit from 20 to 680 ml, AISI 316 L stainless steel made
  • Nr 1 food grade set of gaskets
  • Nr 1 three ways DN25 rotary valve
  • Nr 1 two ways pneumatic 1” no drop valve with ø 25/15 mm shut off nozzle
  • Food grade flexible hose
  • 30 liters conical hopper
Single head capping unit composed by:Manual regulation of the height of the machine depending on the operator stature.Air consumption, about 10 cfm.Requirements: air compressed 60-90 psi.
  • Nr 1 pneumatic motor
  • Nr 1 s/steel chuck for one size of twist off cap

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