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Screw Capping Machine - Pneumatic

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Semi-Automatic Screw Capping Machine - Pneumatic

This air operated bench-top capper suitable for closing twist off, snap on or plastic screw on caps. The operator puts the cap in the chuck or on the container’s mouth (for twist off or plastic screw on caps) and pushes the two buttons placed at both sides of the machine base. The closing head descends toward the bottle, tightening the cap, while a pneumatic system blocks the container preventing it from spinning. The torque can be adjusted up 6.3 Nm according to the force required to tighten the cap properly. A hand wheel with a counter provides a fine reference for the capping head height. The whole system that holds the pneumatic motor can be adjusted in height; in this way, the machine is very versatile and can close bottles up to 350 mm tall. The PLUS version features a new pneumatic motor with s/steel case and excellent torque accuracy and repeatability. Three versions are available: twist off metal lids. Plastic screw caps on containers that can resist a vertical pressure. Version with custom made collar for holding the neck of a low-density plastic bottle which body cannot withstand a vertical load.

Three standard builds/styles (for pricing select from Drop Down):
  • Twist Off - Metal
  • Screw On Cap - Plastic
  • Dual purpose machine that will install both Metal "Twist Off" and Plastic "Screw On Caps" (We stock this machine - Call to Discuss)
  • Miniature bottles/jars as small as 1oz.
  • Large bottle, jugs, jars up to 5 gallons
  • Metal caps
  • Aluminum caps
  • Plastic caps
  • Twist off caps
  • Screw on caps
  • Press on caps
  • Pharmaceutical caps with dropper
  • Caps that include brush
  • FEA aluminum caps
  • Dispenser caps
Each closing head or spindle can close only one cap size variant. Meaning that, if you want to close bottles with different cap sizes, you need to buy additional closing heads and spindles which are easily changed out in a matter of minutes.
Maximum reliability
  • All machines are tested by the manufacturer.  Often times for special or unique caps we send sample caps and bottles to Tenco for fitting.
Easy to use
  • To perform the capping operation in a few seconds just place the bottle with the capsule in or on the head/chuck and press the control buttons
  • Intended for use at or on a Bench Top
Wide range of customizations
  • This capper is flexible and adapts itself to a wide range of custom solutions, according to the needs of the bottle and of the cap to be closed.
  • Can cap up to 600 bottles per hour
  • Constructed entirely of AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Cap materials: metal, plastic, aluminum
  • Cap styles: Twist Off, Screw On, Snap On
  • Bottle material: Glass, Ceramic, Plastic (some plastic bottles may need vertical support)
  • 110 Volt 60hz power required for controls
  • Air Compressor Required 3-7 Bar
  • Air Consumption Approx. 170Nl/Minute
  • Handles bottle diameter up to 160mm (can be custom built for larter bottles)
  • Handles bottle height up to 350mm (can be custom built for larger bottles)
  • Weight - 25kg
  • Dimensions 450 x 450 x 550 to 950 (height varies depending on bottle/jar size)
  • Italian Made by Tenco
See Twist Off Capper in Action

See Screw On Capper in Action - Small Format

See Screw On Capper in Action - Large Format

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