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Enolmatic Vacuum Bottle Filler

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A great bottle filler for the large-scale hobby winemaker or boutique winery. Through the use of a vacuum pump, the Enolmatic filler automatically starts a siphon and automatically shuts off when the bottle is filled to the desired level. The vacuum also serves to evacuate most of the oxygen from your bottle. The fill rate is fast, allowing you to bottle up to 180 to 200 bottles per hour. The Enolmatic creates a vacuum that sucks the wine directly from your fermenter, storage tank, barrel, or carboy, which can be located up to 13 feet below the Enolmatic. No need to start a siphon or to have to pump or move your wine above your filling machine.

Fill speed can be adjusted allowing you to bottle at your preferred pace. While the filler is in operation wine is not allowed back into the storage tank or barrel due to a one-way valve located in the fill head. The small amount of excess wine runs into a collection reservoir. The fill height can be adjusted and is designed to be used with any size or type of bottle. The Enolmatic has a continuous duty cycle, meaning it can run non-stop and is constructed entirely from food-grade materials. Simply run water through the system to clean out the lines. The reservoir for excess overfill can be rinsed out or ran through the dishwasher.

Can be used for Wine, Oil, Spirits, Fruit Juices, Beer (may need additional equipment for uses other than wine)
  • The stock unit is intended for wine or juice, non-viscous and up to 20% alcohol content
  • Intended for Glass Bottles - Most Plastic Bottles will Collapse due to use of Vacuum
  • *For plastic bottles we require you send us samples to confirm they will not collapse due to vacuum pressure
  • Stainless Steel Filler Head and Pharmapress Intake and Overflow Hoses needed for Spirits or High Temp beverages - Contact Us
  • Oil Kit Filler Head available in both stainless and plastic for viscous beverages or Liqueurs
  • Jar Kit available for large mouth jars
  • Mignon Kit Filler Head in both stainless and plastic available for small bottles
For Bottle Sizes (using standard filler head/nozzle):
  • Neck Innner Diameter 18mm to 28mm
  • Bottle Height 250mm to 330mm

View This YouTube Demonstration:

Enolmatic Manual and Parts Diagram

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  • Filling Unit with Overflow Reservoir
  • 5ft. of 1/2"ID Feeder Line
  • Collapsible 1/2" racking cane for intake, helps leave the lees behind
  • Detailed Instructions

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