Here are some very useful Wine Making Calculators provided by


Fermentation, Specific Gravity & Brix

A whole host of calculators dealing with Fermentation, Sugars, Brix, Specific Gravity, as well as information on Hydrometer readings.

Chaptalization & Water Dilution

Chaptalization is the addition of sugars to your juice or must, and these calculators will ensure accuracy and proper dilution rates.

SO2 Addition, Reduction, Molecular SO2

Everything you’ll need that relates to SO2 both as a liquid (H2SO3) or Potassium Metabisulfite.  Also includes a chart on the effectiveness of SO2 in relation to pH.

Acid Addition & Deacidification

Calculators for the addition of acid to balance pH and TA, as well as Deacidification via CaCO3 and KHCO3.

Fining Agents

Tools for calculating the addition of Fining Agents such as Copper, Oak Chips, Bentonite, Gelatin, Casein, and even Egg White.


Important for making Port and Madeira wines, this fortification calculator will show you how much alcohol to add depending on your desired result.


A great blending chart – simply plug in the values to extract some great information.  Also includes a Wine Cost Calculator to determine the true cost of your blend.


            Volume, Temperature, Mass, Pressure, Area & Distance calculators.