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Punch Down Tool Stainless Steel - 35 in

Price: $155.00
  • Item #UF75
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35 Inch Stainless Steel Punch Down Tool

Use to punch down any type of fruit or grape wine cap that forms during the early stages of fermentation.

Regular punching down of the cap prevents trapped CO2, producing a cleaner, clearer, and better tasting product.

35" over-all length is designed for use in larger fermentation vessels up to about 40" deep. Perfect for buckets up to about 40 gallons.

  • 5" diameter disc requires very little strength to push through cap
  • All tubing is 1/2" diameter, including handle
  • 7" wide handle for easy grip on both sides of rod
  • All rod ends (including bottom) sealed with black plastic caps
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Quality construction. Tig welded 304-type stainless steel
  • Made in USA