Spirits & Oil Suction Hose Set for Enolmaster and Enolmatic

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Set of Pharmapress suction hoses rated specifically for handling high temperature, high alhohol, and high viscosity material intended to replace the standard/stock Enolmaster and Enolmatic Vacuum Bottle Fillers when bottling spirits or oil. The set includes (1) 1/2" Pharmapress intake hose and (1) 1/4" Pharmapress vacuum for a single bottle filler head- i.e. the Enolmaster requires four (4) sets of hoses to replace the hosing on all four heads. 

  • Alcohol level above 20%
  • Temperatures up to 120C
  • Necessary for bottling Spirits and oil
  • Looks similar to the standard hoses (for wine, beer, and cider), but is substantially more robust with thicker inner and outer tubing and reinforcing poly braid that is more dense and more tightly woven and withstands both higher temperatures and higher alcohol content of spirits.
  • (Remember, for Enolmaster Units you MUST have the Pyrex Vacuum Housing as well for Spirits & High Temp Liquids)

Hose set lengths:

1/4": 16"
1/2": 60"

Enolmaster Upper Manifold
1/4": 24"
1/2": 8"

Enolmaster Lower Manifold
1/4": 24"
1/2": 24"

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