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Bag In Box Filler - Easy Start Single Head

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The Bag in Box Filler - Easy Start Single Head unit comes equipped with an ergonomic arm for a manual start, uncapping, and capping system. It is designed to fill bags from 1.5L to 20L. Bag types include Film w/ PE Barrier, Barrier Metal Film w/ PET, and EVOH Film with Barrier (and more). It is also compatible with any kind of taps, valves, and caps on the market and is CE Certified. 

Constructed with stainless steel and featuring an adjustable roller table, box support, and wheels, it offers durability and mobility. This equipment comes equipped with a centrifugal pump, electromagnetic flow meter, and a touch screen. 

With its advanced and user-friendly software system, the Bag in Box Filler (BIB) - Easy Start Arm provides a range of extensive features. These include effortless capacity adjustment, simple parameter customization, professional cleaning through the CIP system, an advanced purging mechanism, and a wide selection of accessories.

The operator will place the bag on the gripper claw and then extract the cap manually with the auxiliary arm. Next, the arm will move to the left in order to insert the nozzle over the neck of the bag. Once the start button is pressed, the Bag in Box Filler (BIB) - Easy Start Arm will automatically proceed to fill the bag up to the programmed capacity. 



  • Single Head Manual Filling & Capping Unit
  • CE Certified
  • 1.5L to 20L Bag Compatibility
  • Capable of Filling Upright Bags, Pouches, Doypacks, and more.
  • Can fill a wide range of liquid and food products: liquids, viscous, liquids with solids, and more.
  • Bag Types Include: Film w/ PE Barrier, Barrier Metal Film w/ PET, and EVOH Film with Barrier
  • Air Vacuum & Nitrogen Injection
  • Equipped with Centrifugal Pump & Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • 4.3" Color Touch Screen with 1GB Memory
  • Digital Pressure Indicator
  • Multi-Fitment Stainless Steel Four-Finger Gripper
  • Cleaning CIP
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • 1.5" Clamp Connections
  • Table & Box Mount w/ Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Manufactured by Cartobol
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