CY3079 Wine Yeast - 500g

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Lalvin CY3079 respects the varietal character of the grape, but, due to its tendency to undergo early onset autolysis, it tends to contribute characters described as fresh butter, toasted bread, honey, hazelnut, vanilla or almond when left on lees. It tends to result in a wine with complexity and mouthfeel, often described as a smooth and creamy texture. The release of polysaccharides from the yeast during autolysis tends to contribute to mouthfeel, increasing the roundness and weight of the palate. Soil type and the climatic conditions of the vineyard (cool or hot climates) influence the aroma observed. Lalvin CY3079 has established itself as the reference yeast for premium barrel Chardonnay in many of the top chardonnay producing regions around the world including world class premium Australian Chardonnay. This yeast is a steady, slow fermenter that tends to slow down considerably at the end of fermentation. This is desirable with some winemakers as extended lees contact is their protocol.

  • Recommended Use: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Chardonel
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 14.5%
  • Fermentation Speed: Slow
  • Temperature Range: 59-77 °F

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