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Destemmer with Sorting Conveyor (3 - 6 Ton)

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The RICCIO Destemmer by Zambelli is the most innovative development in grape stem removal in centuries. From the loading hopper, the grapes are conveyed onto a special perforated vibrating belt equipped with adjustable rubber pins (or "fingers"). The grapes are pushed forward by a variable speed mobile rack with a motor frequency drive controller, consisting of additional fingers of different sizes. The oscillitary and combined movement between fixed and mobile fingers enables the delicate separation of the grapes from the stem, one-by-one, limiting the crushing of skins and juice loss.

The pins simulate fingers, and can be positioned denser or sparser depending on the type of grape being processed. The separated grapes reach the wide exit belt by gravity, protecting the integrity of the grape. The idea is to reproduce the manual selection operation by hand through an innovative, fast, robust and functional machine.

To watch the RICCIO at work, CLICK HERE
To see how well the RICCIO destems, CLICK HERE


  • Hourly Production: up to 3 - 6 Tons
  • Maintaining the integrity of the grape reduces lees and undesirable elements
  • Improves aroma of wine
  • Removable and repositionable fingers in flexible rubber
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Low operating / maintenance cost
  • 4 air pistons for adjusting the distance of mobile rack during operation
  • Adjustable height of Destemmer and Sorting Conveyor
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Motor: 220v 1 PH, 3.4A
  • Dimensions: 120” L x 40” W x 78 - 96” H, 1650 lbs
  • Italian made by Zambelli
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