Wine and Foaming

Wine and Foaming?

We get a lot of calls about foam so it seemed like a good topic for Wine Tips…

Basically we get two questions, “the instructions with my wine kit tell me to stir until foamy and its not foamy…” and the other is “my wine is real foamy is that normal and what should I do about it…”. Bottom line is that how much foam you see or do not see during the fermentation process is primarily driven by the type of yeast you are using. If you don’t see foam when you think you should make sure your specific gravity is continuing to drop and you should be okay. In the case of lots of foam, foam is normal and again, the amount you see will vary, just make sure whether you are fermenting in a carboy or plastic fermenter you have left adequate room in the top of your container for foam.

If you have more foam than you want you can always add an Anti-foam Emulsion.

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