Keep It Clean

Sanitize your equipment: sterilization is very important! There are many products to use, one is Potassium Metabisulfite. However I do not recomkend Sodium Metabisulfite because of the sodium content. Keep a stock 10% Sulfite solution on hand for sterilizing carboys, buckets, and equipment before you use them. This solution can be reused for about a year or until it collects excessive solids, but it does lose its effectiveness over time so I make be sure to make a new batch each year. I make a 1 gallon batch each year by dissolving 15 Tsp. of sulfite to each quart of water or 16 Tsp. to each liter of water. Keep in mind that many people are allergic Metabisulfite. If this is a concern use an alternate product. But bottom line, keep your equipment sanitized!

Speaking of Sulfite...

Racking takes enough time without having to make a new sulfite solution every time, so mix a 10% solution and keep it on hand. I make a stock solution which is good for about 2 months by dissolving 8 Tsp. of metabisulfite in an 8 oz/cup of water. Campden tablets are also an easy way of adding and managing your sulfite.

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