FILTRODISC PLUS Lenticular Modules

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FILTRODISC PLUS2 depth filter modules by Filtrox make it possible to handle large filter areas in a simple, clean, and sterile manner and have been used in various food & beverage applications for many years. The filter installed in the FILTRODISC PLUS2 modules is the high-capacity media (H grades). The H grades show up to 30% higher capacity compared to standard grades with identical retention rate.

With the FILTRODISC PLUS2, a new generation of depth filter modules is available. Due to their improved design, the FILTRODISC PLUS2 modules can be backflushed in order to remove surface deposits more effectively. The filter media used for these modules are high-capacity depth filter sheets (H grades) with even higher dirt holding capacity than standard grades.

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(LT/M2/MIN @ 1 BAR)
P2-103 0.6 - 1.5 µm 98 - 121 liters Bacteria Removal
P2-73 1.0 - 3.0 µm
170 - 210 liters Fine Filtration
P2-43 4.0 - 9.0 µm 240 - 300 liters Clarifying Filtration
P2-33 5.0 - 12 µm 280 - 360 liters Clarifying Filtration
P2-23 6.0 - 15 µm 690 - 865 liters Coarse Filtration

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