Mixer, Fizz-X Wine Stirrer / Wine Degasser

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Fizz-X Wine Mixer, Stirrer, Degasser - This tool serves two purposes, degassing your wine and stirring when adding additives to your wine or beer. Unlike a spoon or a paddle the Fizz-X fits through the narrow opening of a carboy. This handy tool attaches to an ordinary electric drill and spins inside your carboy for mixing or driving out excess CO2. Made from stainless steel and food grade plastic and is approximately 16 inches long.

Directions for Use of Degasser:

  • To De-Gas your wine attach to drill and insert into wine through carboy opening.
  • Turn on drill for 10 to 15 seconds until foam develops on top of wine. Turn off drill to allow foam to settle. CAUTION – Do Not set drill at too high a setting or foam created may come out of and over the top of the carboy.
  • When foam settles repeat this process 2 or 3 additional times
  • Remove from carboy, clean and sanitize
  • Repeat entire process as needed to De-Gas your wine during the bulk aging process

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