Grape Reception Hopper

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Constructed entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, grapes are conveyed with one or two screws (according to required capacity) with 12”, 16” or 20” diameters and are discharched through a hydraulic-operated mandoor at the opposite end. All our hoppers come with a solid tubular frame to ensure adequate resistance to grape impact during the truck unloading phase. Variable capacity ranges from 3 to 30 tons based on Hopper dimensions (see chart below).

AISI 304 Stainless Hopper & Frame completely washable
Single speed, simple "On"/"Off" operation
3 Phase, 220 volt motor
Italian made by Zambelli

 Lunghezza (mm)Larghezza (mm)H. lato scarico (mm)H lato opposto (mm)Lamiera AISI304 sp.Tubo telaio AISI304Tubo spirale (mm.)Diametro spirale (mm.)Diametro chiusino (mm.)Moto riduttore variatoreGiri coclea (g./min)
VASCA TIPO "A"           
40002450100020602,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5004,0 Hp.3,5 - 18
50002450100020602,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5004,0 Hp.3,5 - 18
60002450100020602,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5005,5 Hp.3,5 - 18
70002450100020602,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5006,5 Hp.3,5 - 18
VASCA TIPO "B"3000200090016502,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5004,0 Hp.3,5 - 18
4000200090016502,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5004,0 Hp.3,5 - 18
5000200090016502,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5004,0 Hp.3,5 - 18
6000200090016502,0 mm.50x50ø 114ø 400ø 5004,0 Hp.3,5 - 18



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