General Floor Corker Instructions:

  1. Install the support leg(s) with the provided hardware.
  2. Clean the crimping jaws with a dry rag to remove any excess packaging lubrication.
  3. Make sure the handle is lifted all the way up (it should be sticking straight up). This not only opens the jaws, but also releases the lock on the Bottle Platform.
  4. Place an empty bottle (for practice) on the spring loaded bottle plate positioning the neck into the dimpled ring or bottle stop (depending on model) under the crimping jaw opening.
  5. Drop a cork into the round opening surrounded by the crimping jaws.
  6. Gently but firmly pull the handle down while steadying the corker with your foot (if required).
  7. When the handle is almost completely down (about 95%) give it a firm finish.
  8. Raise the handle and remove the wine bottle and check the depth of the cork.
  9. Adjust the plunger nut on the inserting rod either up or down to adjust the depth of the wine cork into the bottle.
  10. Repeat until satisfied.
  11. After use, clean crimping jaws when down with a dry rag and store in a dry place. 
  12. Lubricate joints as needed, using a food-grade lubricant.
  13. Remember to store wine corked with natural corks on their side or upside down to guarantee the best seal by keeping the cork wet. Only synthetic corks should be stored upright.

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