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Enolmaster/Enolmatic Oil Bath Vacuum Filter

Price: $185.00
  • Item #BFT-P60
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Enolmaster/Enolmatic Oil Bath Vacuum Filter - Enolmaster/Enolmatic Motor Air Filter

When the Enolmaster is used to bottle liqeuers, syrups or other sugary products, as well as hot products such a juices, this filter is required to preserve the life of you vacuum pump which will clog and fail without it over time.

  • This unit is to be installed between the vacuum pump and the recovery vessel (as shown in image) and must be filled with food grade mineral oil.
  • Includes Hoses
  • This item does not come with any Enolmaster configuration sold by Winemakers Depot as standard equipment and must be purchased separately.  Failure as a result of operating your Enolmaster to bottle one of the aforementioned items without this filter will not be covered under warranty

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