Enolmaster 4-Head Manifold, T-Bar Assembly (with Head Option)

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Enolmaster 4-Head Manifold and T-Bar Assembly with Optional Filling Heads/Nozzles.

Head Options: None, Wine & Spirits (Dry) & Cider (Still), Liqueurs & Oils & Vinegar, Mignon/Miniature

  • Stainless Steel 4-Head Suction Manifold with Stainless filler heads/nozzles that handle handle high alcohol content and beverages up to 120C
  • Includes T-Bar Assembly for quick and simple changing out of your Enolmaster Heads/Nozzles
  • High **OR** Low Manifold option
  • Wine & Spirits (Dry) & Still Cider Nozzles for low and high temperature, low viscous high alcohol content beverages
  • Oil & Liqueur & Vinegar Heads for Higher Alcohol Content and Higher Viscosity Liqueurs, Olive and Other Oils, Balsamic Vinegar (YOUR ENOLMASTER MAY REQUIRE OIL BATH VACUUM FILTER)
  • Neck/Bottle Opening for Heads: Wine & Spirits, Cider & Beer, Liqueurs & Oil are 16-28mm
  • Neck/Bottle Opening for Mignon Heads: 7.5-15mm
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