For our Portuguese Hand Corker:
  1. With the levers in the upward position, place a cork (#8 synthetic w/ chamfered edge) into the open chamber.
  2. On a sturdy and level surface, place corker on top of wine bottle.
  3. Line up the corker vertically with the bottle, clamping the jaws around the neck.
  4. Firmly and smoothly press down on both handles, while maintaining downward pressure on the bottle as well, until the motion stops.
  5. After use, clean corker with a dry rag and store in a dry place. 
  6. Lubricate joints as needed, using a food-grade lubricant.
  7. Remember to store wine corked with natural corks on their side or upside down to guarantee the best seal by keeping the cork wet. Only synthetic corks should be stored upright.

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