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Doselite Volumetric Piston Filler (5-260 ml)

Price: $7,950.00
  • Item #VFT-260
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The Doselite Volumetric Piston Filler sometimes referred to as a "dosing machine" by Tenco allows you to fill precise volumes of liquids, oils, gels, creams, sauces, and many other products, including products with particulates/solids, regardless of the size or shape of container with precision accuracy. Paired with an industry leading No-Drip Nozzle, this machine will increase production while also reducing product waste.

A hand-wheel is used to determine the product volume, while a numeric indicator shows the fill volume. Through the vacuum created by the piston movement, the product is drawn into the volumetric chamber. The operator presses the foot switch for starting the cycle; the piston pushes the product on the outside through the output valve and the filling nozzle at set intervals (in automatic mode) or with each press of the foot switch (in manual mode). Product can typically be drawn directly from its storage vessel through a flexible hose, preferably under a positive suction head (i.e. the vessel should be level with or above the machine for greatest fill accuracy) which is increasingly important with smaller fills and thicker products. When this is not possible, a conical hopper installed on top of the machine is required. 

This machine is suited with No Drip Nozzles. This innovative design & engineering eliminates spillage and waste of expensive and valuable products. Additionally, piston size can be upgraded to a larger or smaller size to accommodate for larger/smaller applications. 

This particular 260ml Volumetric Piston Filler is extremely well suited for the cosmetics industry due to its size for precision filling of liquids, oils, creams and gels including fragrances, lotions, essential oils, propylene glycol (e-liquid), colorants, inks, and even solvent based liquids, with and without solids, or for samples for viscous food products with and without solids.

CLICK HERE to watch the Doselite fill a 10 ml bottles of essential oils
CLICK HERE to watch the Doselite fill an 8 oz bottle of soap

  • Fills bottles and jars ranging from 5ml to 260ml (0.17 to 8.8 ounces)
  • Automatic or Manual operation modes (foot pedal)
  • 3-Way Valve and Filling Nozzle intended for use with all types of liquids, creams, gels, etc.
  • Adjustable Fill Speeds & Volume
  • Benchtop Frame
  • No Drip Nozzles
  • 8L Conical Hopper (can be bypassed to pull product from your container)
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp In-feed Port
  • AISI 316 stainless steel construction
  • Stock with Viton Gaskets and O-Rings, Silicone Upon Request
  • CE Certified
  • Requires 60-90 PSI compressed air supply (we recommend 20-25 gallon air compressor)
  • Filling Accuracy within +/- 1% within the target volume
  • Made in Italy
  • Hopper sized for your application (15L / 30L)
  • Heated Hopper
  • Mixing Auger for Hopper
  • Piston Size: Larger or Smaller sizes available for larger/smaller applications
  • Optional Silicone Gaskets and O-Rings upon request
  • Optional Nozzle Sizes for different product fill and different bottle and jar specifications
  • Pull/Aspirate your product from drum, bin, pale or other source instead of putting into a Hopper
  • For products with abrasives such as cleansers, a Chrome Plated Piston is required
The price on our website may vary based upon your specific application or required configuration.  Contact us for details.

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