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PA180E Electric Pasteurizer & Filler (180L)

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The PA180E by Voran is an electric Juice Pasteurizer with heating coil and tube heat exchanger. Operation is straightforward thanks to manual flow control and digital display for monitoring temperature. The system consists of two tanks—an electrically heated water tank on bottom and a raw juice tank on top. Raw juice flows from the upper tank through a spiral heat exchanger in the lower water tank, preserving it via the introduced heat. The PA180E is outfitted with either a 2-bottle filling system or Bag in Box filler.

Bottle Filler: The pasteurization temperature is controlled by using a ball valve to regulate the flow rate. The filling is started and stopped by self-actuating valves when the bottles are placed and removed. Bottles with inner diameters of 17mm to 20mm can be filled as a standard, with an optional plate available for wide-neck bottles with up to 50mm outside diameter.

Bag in Box Filler: The pasteurization temperature is controlled by using the first ball valve to regulate the flow. The second ball valve is used to start and stop the filling process. The tap can be removed by a bracket, which holds the tap during the filling process and helps to close the bag easily. A scale can be placed under the device to ensure precise filling. 

  • Hourly Production: 180 Liters
  • Includes 0.5hp Pump and Controls to fill Reservoir
  • Includes Float in tank to control Reservoir fill level
  • Juice is heated by a stainless-steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Mounted thermometer for temperature control of the water in the heat exchanger 
  • Digital display of the actual juice outlet temperature at filler
  • Heating element contains overheat protection
  • Water Tank: 100L
  • Juice Tank: 65L
  • 3-Ph, 220v, 19kW, 49A (heating and pump combined)
  • Dimensions: 17" L x 17" W x 62" H
  • 220 lbs Transport Weight
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Made in Austria by Voran


  • 2-Nozzles for Filling Bottles or Bag in Box filling (see dropdown)
  • Option to include both Bottle and BIB Filling - Contact Us
  • Remove Reservoir Pump and Float System at reduced price - Contact Us
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