Destemmer Crusher (22 - 28 Ton)

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Every CME Destemmer is engineered to provide unmatched durability, innovative efficiency, and superior results; with each part being designed, fabricated, and assembled in-house with absolute precision.

The DPN25 Destemmer Crusher features a Wide-Load Hopper with In-feed Auger, variable speed Destemming Drum and Shaft, and removable Crushing Unit; all powered by two 240-volt, single-phase motors capable of processing up to 28 tons of grapes per hour. The on-board Variable Frequency Control Unit enables the rotational speed of the Destemming Drum and Shaft to be set independent of the In-feed Auger and Crusher and adjusted while in operation. The Shaft is outfitted with rubber paddles that are adjustable in depth and angle; and the Drum contains a removable through-pass section beneath the In-feed Auger, allowing the grapes to drop directly into the Crushing Unit, bypassing the destemming process altogether. The DPN25 is equipped with a sliding Crush/No Crush Unit that can easily be removed to retrieve destemmed whole berries without crushing them. Housed within the Crushing Unit is a pair of rubber rollers that can be adjusted on-the-go to provide the desired level of crushing.

The DPN25 can be produced with three Variable Frequency Drives to provide independent variable speed to the In-Feed Auger and Crusher, in addition to the Destemming Drum and Shaft. The Destemmer will also be outfitted with an upgraded unified control box with separate controls to adjust and set the speed of each motor, as well as a wireless control unit to operate the machine remotely.

  • Hourly Production: 22 - 28 Tons
  • Electronic variable speed Destemming Drum and Shaft
  • On-board Frequency Inverter with digital control unit
  • Additional Variable Frequency Drives for Auger and Crusher with upgraded control unit (OPTIONAL)
  • Destemmer Bypass with removable Drum segment
  • Adjustable rubber Destemming Paddles
  • Integrated CIP washing system
  • First Juice Recovery
  • Tool-free, quick-clip hinged cover and sides for easy access and cleaning
  • Tool-free, quick-clip Drum & Shaft hood with hydraulic arms for easy removal and cleaning
  • Sliding Crush/No Crush Unit on rails with adjustable rubber rollers
  • Steel reinforced frame with wheeled modular base
  • Destemmer Motor: 4.0 HP, 240v 1-PH, 12.5A
  • Crusher Motor: 2.0 HP, 240v 1-PH, 6.25A
  • Dimensions: 125" L x 40" W x 71" H, 1750 lbs
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Made in Italy

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